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It’s a charmer alright!
FATEA Magazine
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"Like the definition, the album sets out to charm and enchant, it may deceive you in to thinking about Last Night’s Fun but it's actually a new day, spent in pleasant company." Darren Beech,


Be-Guile (1).webp

"Dictionary definitions of the CD’s title are emblazoned on the disc’s surface, and the second of these – “to help (time) pass more pleasantly” – potentially rather undersells the deeper and more literally “be-guile-ing” impact of the music within. It’s a charmer alright!"

David Kidman, FATEA Magazine


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"Sherburn, Bartley and Sanders are a joy to watch. Immediately on taking the stage they display an ease that comes from musicians who have a rich past and know each other well. They display a tangible sense of enjoyment in hearing each other play that pulls the audience into their skilfully woven world. Sherburn’s Yorkshire humour acts as the bridge between tunes and he interacts with the audience with the assured ease of a seasoned stand up comedian." Live Review, Downend Folk Cub



Following a chance meeting at Whitby Folk Festival in 1993, Chris Sherburn (Concertina) and Denny Bartley (Vocals and Guitar) have been bringing their unique sound to audiences across Europe and America, creating one of folk music’s most enduring partnerships. Their obvious rapport made them one of the busiest acts on the folk scene, both as a duo and with their well-loved band, Last Night’s Fun. Their soul-stirring songs, exhilarating tunes and quick-witted banter ensures that no two concerts are ever the same.

In 2016, Chris and Denny joined forces with Emily Sanders (fiddle/viola and vocals) and have since become a well-established trio, for the first time blending vocal harmonies, and strings to underpin Chris and Denny’s unique sound, as well as providing a female vocal for some songs, and bringing a repertoire of English folk songs to complement the bands more Celtic roots.

Emily was a founder member of the acclaimed trio Isambarde. She has also toured with Merrymouth (Simon Fowler, Lead Singer of Ocean Colour Scene) and regularly appears with Pete Morton and Chris Parkinson.

Their latest album BEGUILE is the first to feature Chris, Denny and Emily together, and also some stellar guest performances from Martin Simpson and Andy Seward (Kate Rusby Band) and mastered by Phil Beer.

“Chris, Denny and Emily sound good, make you smile and are a great mix – a true chemistry lesson… Superb musicians of the highest order.” Alan Wood, The Barn at Baston

“Sherburn, Bartley and Sanders are a joy to watch… This is what music is meant to be about.” Ant Miles, Downend Folk Club

We are looking to record a new album in 2023 - we will update you as soon as we have more information about this .

Stage Plan - Tech Spec

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